Focused power and CPU strength

Micro data centers tend to use processors and other components which are specially designed around the idea of server based tasks and networking. The processors in data centers tend to stack cores, each of which is designed around the idea of doing any possible task. And some of those tasks will usually even involve extensive backward compatibility with software and hardware which would never be used in a data center. Newer and more focused architecture allows for processors which are tailored to meet the needs of a server room. And they do those jobs far better and more efficiently than a standard processor would. Therefore comparing them really is like comparing a spoon and a knife. They can tackle the same task, but one is far more efficient and requires less power.

And this is where the future of a micro data center is especially apparent. It’s a chance to essentially have a clean start with a lot of different technologies without being too tied down to backward compatibility. And even more so given the fact that most server based software is easily ported to new hardware and CPU instruction sets. It’s easy to see how this will lead into some really amazing advancements within the industry.